The news hit hard this morning. “CNN reports Anthony Bourdain found dead this morning”…it was around noon here. The sun was bright, and we were planning to explore more of Valletta, the amazing capital of Malta.

See, I started traveling roughly 15 years ago, and over these years Bourdain, his show, his spoken word tours and especially his writing inspires me every step of the way.

He was the main motivation that pushed me to Vietnam. Then Cambodia, and to really rediscover south east Asia. I went to see him in Grand Rapids, East Lansing, and Detroit Michigan. All at different periods of my life.

I can’t understand why he would do this, what demons he was facing, but I know we all have them. The New Yorker pieces and his own essays cast him as so completely driven and talented, he was the rockstar of more than just food, but of culture. He hit 60 and showed no real sign of slowing down.

I love his work, and over the years my favorite compliment anyone would post on my travel material was a mini comparison.

The front of this website adorns a few of his quotes. For so many of us, he had the dream life. He admitted he fucked everything up until 40, then landed the most amazing gig ever.

I’m so sad you’re gone, but I’m grateful we were all able to soak up some inspiration.

It’s never easy when you lose an idol.

Rest In Peace Tony.


4 thoughts on “Bourdain…

  1. Valerie Reed

    It was a shock to my system to read the news this first thing this morning. My first words to my colleagues as they arrived for work was this incomprehensible news. No good morning, how are you, pleasantries, simply….my disbelief! I will miss his shows tremendously. Everyone’s nose got out of joint here in Pittsburgh when they thought he didn’t say very nice things about it in last season’s episode of I shared MY point of view that that was his M.O. in all of his shows. He shows all sides of every location he filmed, the good, the bad, and everything in between. I was not offended at all. It’s great to see his perspective of my hometown. It was never the intent of his shows to be a perky, squeaky clean travel show. If you were a regular viewer, as I am, you would recognize the genius of the colorful narrative. I really did enjoy watching the camera’s focus on the sad state of the homemade Italian meatballs and sausage that were blown to the ground during a storm at a bocce game. Anyway, I got off track a bit….
    I heard him say that he wanted to get in shape since he has a young daughter, so that was another reason I couldn’t believe what I was reading this morning. His invited guest for a number of shows (and friend, I believe), was Eric Ripert. I can’t imagine how this man must feel being the first to discover this tragedy.

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