About me



I am a wandering professor classically trained as a historian. My dream job was to be in the trenches of a community college classroom, fighting the good fight, and making my dent in the universe. I conquered that goal and have been teaching a variety of courses since 2011. I always found that chasing my own dreams seemed far more fulfilling than chasing anyone else’s.  In that regard, since elementary school I’ve been fascinated by the world at large. I blame Indiana Jones.

I’m a wanderer, and explorer. I’ve spent quite a bit of energy, passion, dedication, and perseverance, on  learning, writing, and traveling.  I hope to use this platform to further push my lens for culture, history, food, art, the written word, and the intersections between them every chance I get. I use the quotes from Anthony Bourdain on the home page as a kind of guiding beacon. This world continues to amaze me on a near daily basis.  My original goal was 30 countries visited by the time I turned 30. A few rapid years later, I am now closing in on 70 countries before 35.  Hence, The Gypsy Professor.


From the canals of Venice to abandoned factories in Detroit, I want to explore it all.


I want to share all of it.

After all, this is your life, and its ending one minute at a time…what are we doing with it?



Also, feel free to drop me a line with any and all inquiries here Thegypsyprofessor@gmail.com

Thank you