Monday Mornin’

Monday Morning comes at you hard some weeks. I’ve noticed that for some of us, immersed in the digital age, the lines between the work week and the weekend have a tendency to blur quite a bit. I wanted to share a slice of motivation, in the form a brief TED talk. Kick Monday motivation square in the pants.

For those who are constantly online and working even on the weekends, stress is an all too common a feeling. But to feel so at the start of a fresh week is not likely to do much for your productivity. However, Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist, in this talk, shares her findings on how we can (and need to) re-calibrate our minds to view stress contrarily, different than our current notion/belief of it is as a life-threatening disease of sorts. Kelly talks about perspective changes, how one can try to see stress as a sign of action-readiness. About how we can view our stress responses as helpful and not harmful. Her suggestions on how we can befriend-stress are simple and worth giving a try.


What do you think? Any methods you might recommend? Leave some love.


7 thoughts on “Monday Mornin’

  1. This is interesting! As a nearly life-long sufferer of panic disorder, I’ve tried to reframe my stress response in a lot of different ways — I think that once you’re at the point where your stress response has become that maladaptive, your options are probably more limited (though CBT has certainly helped). It seems like this reframing might be useful to keep things from getting to that point, though.

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  2. This is so true! If I’m not able to make time on Sunday night before the week starts to reset and get ready for the week ahead, I end up feeling much more stressed and less productive! It’s hard to carve out time to do this but super necessary!

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