The Wild man of…



This weekend here in Michigan proved rather cold. A bit of rain, overcast skies, and plunging evening temperatures. This was absolutely perfect, as I had work to do. The most important kind.




What kind of plotting? The adventure kind of course! The decision was looming about where to build this sites initial episode from. After weighing the feedback and thinking over this weekend, It looks as if first up will be Singapore, followed by Borneo! I’m super stoked on hitting  the big city, and then escaping to Boko natural park, and exploring the Orangutan sanctuaries. orangutan-in-borneo

Most of the votes and feedback wanted far flung, I hope Borneo accomplishes that! I will be adding more details over this next week before departure.  So be sure to check back. As always I welcome your comments and feed back, drop some words here, or email me

Happy Sunday Funday!




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