The Times They are a Changin’

Tis’ that time in the mitten state. Its actually cold, and the leaves have changed. The semester is nearly finished, and yet another year is soon to pass. With the winter holiday fast approaching, the days of bluebook exams, and long haul flights have arrived. My goal with this project is to begin to build “episodes”. An indepth exploration of this fascinating world of ours.  From Detroit to Da Nang. Boston to Budapest, Capetown to Cape cod.   My lens is focused on food, culture, history and a few things in between. I’m looking forward to comments as I publish this site across a spectrum and share it over social media.


Feel free to drop me a line, and share your reactions and observations.


I’m still debating on this first write up, Should we go local, domestic, or absolutely far flung?  Leave a region, a city, or a suggestion in the comments option up top!


Thank You





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