Hold on to your butts.

Here we are again, back in Chicago at the must be modeled on purgatory O’Hare airport. Getting ready for this twisted run through Shanghai enroute to Bangkok.

I’ve only got a few minutes before being smashed into the ass of a Boeing Dreamliner for near 15 hours, so I’ll try to make this brief.

The holiday excursion is always something special. This particular lesson from the road cones from this weekend.

You can’t have amazing adventures if you’re an asshole. It’s just that damn simple. This whole trek for me was made possible by friends. Selfless friends who provided positive feedback, an open mind and collaboration, a long distance ride to a train station and even opened their new digs for an overnight crash. (Complete with spicy Indian food…sorry fellow passengers, but not really, you savage bastards)

I was amazed at the kindness which recharged my humanity batteries for the slog to Thailand.

Last but not least there was Frank. Frank and I hung out this morning and he helped remind me of a key mantra handed down from one Jeffrey Lebowski as I prepared to head to the airport;

“Life goes on man”

Frank is awesome. Be like Frank.

Every journey should start with bulldog friends and a shared meal.

Stoked to share some new awesomeness with everyone! Leave me a comment if you’re into it!

Let the adventure begin!

What happens when you grab a $327.00 error fare to Singapore?

We are about to find out!

On the road today to Chicago, made it with enough time to taste a bit of the Windy City. A few drinks in buck town and a chilled walk for sustenance.

Chicago’s neighborhoods deserve their own posts, and we will get there all in good time. For this evenings gastronomic debauchery I ventured for pulpo/camarones tostadas, (octupus and shrimp for the gringos) with some beastly al pastor.

I am now set for a proper sleep before the 26 hour onslaught tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me! Asia here we come!