Welcome to the lion city

Okay, I mostly survived the long haul trek from Chicago. Remember from the last post I asked “what happens when you grab an error fare to Singapore for $326”? Well first, no advanced seat assignment. Just had to roll the dice in the name of adventure.

Ended up lucky on both legs by some kind of miracle. Empty row on the way over to Tokyo , and exit row goodness to Singapore. 26 hours of travel time.

I arrived in Singapore last night around 1 am. Cleared customs with the quickness and grabbed an Uber to my hotel. Only in Asia do rooms come this size. I love boutique hotels, and I knew it was 100sqft before I booked it, it’s clean, with a great location…good WiFi and quiet.

Grabbed some quick shut eye and ventured out into the city this morning. Singapore is the ultimate culinary mashup. The flavor profiles that collide here prove the super strains of the gastro world. Everyday you are faced with the pressing question of stomach real estate vs desire and adventure. The hawker centers here are famous the world over, and for good reason. Today was a chance to wander the lion city, and nibble its edges.

A nibble (or two) was had, and the appetite for more is there!


This jet lag is catching up with me, I have so much to post. I hope everyone keeps up with the positive feedback, adventures from the food stalls tomorrow!


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