Logistics with a friend.

How do you travel?

What’s the nitty gritty detail side look like?

When you travel solo and do it often enough, you begin to develop a system. Set aside some time, plot a rough itinerary and then slowly fill in a few blanks. Always remember, however, to leave a large enough space for our dear friend spontaneity. Arguably the best element of any excursion, near or far.

I leave for the Far East in 3 Days, with a brief stop in the Windy City. I’m curious for all of my friends and followers, what kinds of pre departure rituals do you enjoy? Any particular meals or rendezvous tickle your pre travel fancy? I’d love to hear them! For me I almost always need to select my reading material, throw some laundry in, and grab a beer with old friends.

Cheers everyone! Happy Friday!


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